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9:00 am Prayer

9:30 am Sunday School

10:30 am Morning Worship


7:00 pm Prayer

7:30 pm Bible Study

2019: The Year of the Secret Place (Psalms 91)        

Bishop M. Ruel McCoy, Sr., Diocesan 
January 9            7:00 PM All Saints Meeting     RCG Gainesville

January 10           7:00 PM All Saints Meeting     RSA Sanford

January 23-25  Varied  27th IDMWG Winter Retreat   Myrtle Beach, SC

January 25-26  Varied  16th Region X Conference   Refuge Miami
February 5             5:00 PM All Saints Meeting    RCS Sorrento

February 5  7:30 PM ALL Saints “Intentionality” Meeting  GRM Orlando 

February 23  2:00 PM FED Auxiliary Pres. Strategic Goals Meeting GRM Orlando

February 24  4:00 PM Family & Friends    RCS Sorrento

March 3  6:00 PM Bishop McCoy Preaches and Diocese Serves  Winter Haven

March 9  10:00 AM Joint District Meeting    GRM Orlando

March 10  4:00 PM Missionary Fellowship Service   RCS Sorrento

March  24  Varied  Family and Friends Day    SC Connecticut

March 31  3:00 PM 5th Sunday JAMZ    RCG Gainesville

April 6   1:00 PM FED Auxiliaries in Ministry (AIM) Day  GRM Orlando

April 13   3:30 & 5:00 Joint Diocese Youth Fellowship   Vero Beach

April 20   12 N  Women’s Day (All White)   RCG Gainesville

April  21  Varied                Easter Sunday      All Churches

April 24-27  Varied  79th International Congress   Hampton, VA
May 2-3  Varied   Pre Centennial Founder’s Day Rally  New York, NY

May 10-11  Varied  Joint Semi-Annual Diocese Meeting  GRM Orlando

May 11   5:00 PM Men and Women’s Duel Day   GRM Orlando

May 12   Varied  Mother’s Day     All Churches

May 20-23  Varied  International Leadership Seminar  Columbia, SC
June 10   11:00 AM Family & Friends Day    RCG Gainesville

June 15   6:00 PM Men and Women Duel Day   RCS Sorrento

June 16   Varied  Father’s Day     All Churches

June 19-29    Varied  44th  Church Anniversary Services  GRM Orlando

▪ 19th-21st VBS Homecoming Revival

▪ 22nd 5K Walk and VBS Outreach

▪ 23rd Family & Friends/ Heritage Day

▪ 26th-29th   Mission Trip Dominican Republic
June 30   3:00 PM 5th Sunday JAMZ    Paradise Cocoa
July 6   6:00 PM Women’s Council Day    RCS Sorrento

July 22-28  Varied  100th International Holy Convocation  Greensboro, NC         

August 10  9AM-1PM Back to School Bash    RCS Sorrento

August 17  12 Noon Overcoming God’s Grace   RCG Gainesville

August 25  12 N/3:00 PM Bishop & Lady McCoy FED Appreciation Service GRM Orlando

September 6-7  Varied  AFC/HARVEST/JUBILEE    GRT Jacksonville

September 14  6:00 PM Harvest Service     RCS Sorrento

September 29  3:00 PM 5th Sunday JAMZ    RSA Sanford
October 9-13   Varied  68th International Women's Council   Jacksonville, FL

October 9-13   Varied  International Bishop’s Council    Jacksonville, FL

October 19  6:00 PM Pastor’s Appreciation    RCS Sorrento
October 27th   10:00 AM Joint District Meeting    Clermont/TBA
November 1-2  Varied  FED/FECD Joint Holy Convocation  Clermont/TBD

November 16  6:00 PM 83rd Church Anniversary    RCS Sorrento

November 28  Noon  Thanksgiving Day Worship   GRM Orlando
December 3  7:00 PM Bishop McCoy Preaches and Diocese Serves VTOG Sanford

December 7  TBA  Mother Jenkins’ Appreciation   RCS Sorrento

December 22  12 N/3 PM Silver Star Celebration and Dinner Theater GRM Orlando

December 22  TBA  Christmas Service    RCS Sorrento

December 25  Noon  Christmas Day Worship     GRM Orlando

December 29  3:00 PM 5th Sunday JAMZ    RCS Sorrento

December 31  10pm  Watch Night Fellowship    All Churches

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