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The history of the Refuge Sanford Church, Inc. is a blessed an illustrious one. Our origin was established with the descent of the Holy Ghost on the day of Pentecost in AD 33.​ 

​In 1932, while the country was in “the Great Depression” the “Full Gospel” was being erected in the Midway section of Sanford, Florida by two brothers Elders Rufus and Samuel Green.

Refuge Sanford 1950's

Our first pastor and 1st Lady were Elder Samuel "Sandy" and Lady Alberta Green of San Francisco, CA. They faithfully shepherded the new congregation through the many difficult days. Elder Green, for many years, was the only ordained pastor in COOLJC overseeing the entire state of Florida. He also pastored and built churches in Greenville and Sorrento, Florida. They were true servant leaders who sacrificed so much in service to the kingdom.


Our second Pastor and 1st Lady were Elder Cleo, Sr. and Lady Jeannie Jenkins of New Smyrna Beach, FL appointed in 1970. They were entrepreneurs and hard workers who renovated the church and dining hall, adding indoor plumbing and bathrooms.

Our third Pastor and 1st Lady were Elder David "Dooley" and Lady Harthula Teemer, also of New Smyrna Beach, FL appointed in 1980. He was a very wise and seasoned minister who was beloved as a people’s person. He was also an outdoorsman who loved to hunt, and fish. She was an outstanding educator who taught elementary school for many years. They also renovated the church adding central heat and air and expanding the dining hall.

Our fourth Pastor and 1st Lady were Elder Nathaniel “Buddy” and Lady Catherine Hillery, of Sanford, FL appointed in 2000. A life-long Midway resident Elder Hillery was an entrepreneur, communitarian and everybody’s “Buddy”.  ​The Hillerys also renovated the church adding a foyer and two front offices.


Our fifth Pastor and 1st Lady were our Diocesan, Bishop M. Ruel, Sr. and Lady Benona McCoy of Port Orange, FL appointed in 2012. While simultaneously serving four other congregations, they spiritually guided us through the difficult grieving and transition period after the death of Pastor Hillery.  ​

Our Sixth Pastor was Elder Joel Brooks and wife Norma of Windemere, FL appointed in 2014.  Elder Brooks, a retired computer analyst has served us faithfully though many personal trials and we have witnessed the miraculous healing of his wife.


Please pray for us as we endeavor to continue to labor in this vineyard.

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